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The Origin Story Chapter 3

Control Cover

The Origin Story

Chapter 3


Since the dawn of the first civilizations by the men, they had a desire for power. With our limited understanding of history, we might think that this is the way it has always been. But in fact, in many ancient civilizations, women played an equal, if not an even more significant role. After all, they are the creators of life. It is only in the past few millenniums this balance got all messed up. For some reason, the men’s ego desired power over women and power over those born to a simple life and poverty. These people never knew anything else. They were easy to control. Due to this, many atrocities have been committed. Many of us carry a lot of ancestral trauma, pain and shame. The human race stands in the shadows looking at the light because we are scared to stand in the light and look at our own shadows.
But it is hard to blame the people. Most of us have been brainwashed and conditioned to accept this narrative. We are addicted to it and scared to live without it. This fear is one of the most potent tools the powers that be have to control us. To them, control is the drug they are addicted to.
Like with most addictive drugs, once you get a taste for it, you want more. There is no limit to the hunger of the powers that be. And just like the desperate drug addict, they will do whatever they can get away with to hold on to the control and acquire more of it. They build a pyramid, and the people below them elevates them higher and higher. But they can only do this as long as they can control the people below them. Once the people wake up and have the courage to look into the shadows, they become aware of the control. They become aware of the role they have been made to play in the structure of the pyramid. They also become aware that if enough of us walk away, the foundations of the pyramid will start to crumble and eventually collapse, bringing down the whole structure.
The heard follow the law of the land like it was a religion. And just like most major religions, those laws were created by men. Not some higher form entity or a god-like figure. The laws were designed to maintain order. Order in a way that those who wrote them saw fit. We are made to believe laws are the cornerstone of society. We are made to think laws keep us safe.
But what for one is order, for others can be even oppression. The Laws are there to control us.

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