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The Origin Story Chapter 2

The Origin Story

Chapter 2

In hopes to monetize survival, a right to live, the powers that be set out on a task to come up with a vaccine for the virus. A vaccine that governments of the globe would spend taxpayers hard-earned dollars to pay. A global race was set up to develop these vaccines. Orders were placed before the product was even ready. Bets were made who would win the rase. The shares of pharmaceutical companies reached an all-time high, and they were cleared of any countability. A man’s ego was strong enough to convince us that we could outsmart mother natures 4 billion years of evolution. We were certain we could eradicate a virus that had infected nearly 150 million people world wide. But we were not smart enough to pool our sources and make it a collective effort. Or would that have taken the profit away from the game?
My alien friend had reminded me of ancient wisdom. Listen to nature, and it will tell you the answer. Modern society has made us lose contact with nature and the cosmos. We have forgotten that everything on this planet is connected. All of us, as individuals, are part of one symbiotic living ecosystem that we call the earth. Nature has the answers. And we as humans are able to achieve things far beyond our imagination. In fact, it is the limits of our own imagination that hold us back. Our ancestors from societies long before our time knew the secrets. They understood our own energy and how it interacts with everything around us. The powers that be want to hide this information from us and have spent an enormous amount of resources to do so for decades, whereas the aliens try to teach us to embrace it. We have the ability to manifest whatever we want.

If we understand that nature has an abundance of anything we need, if we treat it right, how could you profit from it? How could the powers that be control us, if every one of our needs were met? This is why for years, they have oppressed our natural abilities to the point that we forgot how to use them.

This is why the narrative of the story of a virus that came from China, spread worldwide and turned into a global pandemic suited the powers that be. It gave them justification to force control beyond anything we had seen since the second world war.

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