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The Origin Story Chapter 1

2020 - Kandemic

The Origin Story

Chapter 1

The year 2020 was the beginning of the new world order, behind the veil of a global pandemic, the powers that be released information about aliens. Divide and conquer have been the name of the game for thousands of years. There are those who have and those who don’t. And time and time again in history, when society built on this divide come to its peak, the pitchforks come out. The western world is now more divided than ever. For many years it has been the strong middle glass that kept the structure in place. But when that middle glass gets a taste of what the poor had to endure, the balance starts to shift. Slavery, taxes, mortgages due to homeownership, and consumerism has kept the masses working for millenniums. But in 2020 the world came to a halt. Suddenly people who had been busy running the rat race had to stop. There was time to spend with our own thoughts. Year’s of oppressed feelings started to surface. We began to question the purpose of this all. Is our constant chase of a better life and happiness actually making us happy? The cracks of western society were starting to blow wide open…

Divide and conquer only works if you have two sides to divide. The pandemic was a temporary solution. Wear a mask or not to wear a mask. Vaccine or not to vaccine. Lockdown or no lockdown. Did the virus come from the wet markets of China? From a laboratory? Was it man-made or mutation from animals? But it was only a matter of time before this invisible enemy could not divide anymore. The powers that be needed a new enemy.

Us humans possess an ego that makes us think we are better than others. We are somehow more superior to fellow humans, or other species on this planet. The cruel joke is, we are actually an experiment. We are a mutation. We are the bastard child of all the other species of intelligent life in the intergalactic federation. We are living storage cells of DNA. Biological data with information of all living things present, past and future in all the galaxies out there. We have been watched since the beginning of our time. We have been setup with a task to reach a higher level of

consciousness. To become better versions of ourselves. To learn how to not let that ego control us. But it is that ego that let the powers that be control us. And they are scared to lose control. If the alien experiment works, who would provide for their elaborate lifestyle and desperate need for control? So they will paint the aliens as the new enemy. Divide and conquer.

However, even though the aliens’ intentions seem pure, they have their own drifts. The thing about “the truth” is that truth itself is a multifaceted concept, with as many branches as there are beings trying to view it. Your perception of the truth is different than mine. The way to the “next level” of human evolution requires us to deal with past trauma. The gamekeepers of the alien world would like us the view the enlightenment the way they want us to perceive it. They want us to get there, step by step. They want us to walk the path they set up for us. But this is only one face of that multifaceted “truth”. There are rebel forces at play in the alien world as well. And these rebels have been infiltrating amongst us for a long time now. They are trying to pass on information to us, to show us the other perspective to the truth. Their work is not easy, as most of us humans are not ready for this information yet. But the time is getting close. How do I know all of this? I have met one of them, and I call him a friend.

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