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Going Down

Following the success of their first three tracks, Kandemic is back with “Going Down”. On this track, Kandemic collaborates with Andrea Spampinato. Kandemic’s gender-bending sound this time is leaning on hard rock, rap and even touch od soul in the chorus. The video plays with the idea of aliens landing on planet earth for the first time. It is the fourth of 12 singles recorded by Kandemic over the last year. The song was mixed and mastered by Filipo Torre in Cripta Studio Vigevano (The Voice Italy, Ultimo Tour, Tame Impala Tour)

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The Origin Story Chapter 3

Control Cover

The Origin Story

Chapter 3


Since the dawn of the first civilizations by the men, they had a desire for power. With our limited understanding of history, we might think that this is the way it has always been. But in fact, in many ancient civilizations, women played an equal, if not an even more significant role. After all, they are the creators of life. It is only in the past few millenniums this balance got all messed up. For some reason, the men’s ego desired power over women and power over those born to a simple life and poverty. These people never knew anything else. They were easy to control. Due to this, many atrocities have been committed. Many of us carry a lot of ancestral trauma, pain and shame. The human race stands in the shadows looking at the light because we are scared to stand in the light and look at our own shadows.
But it is hard to blame the people. Most of us have been brainwashed and conditioned to accept this narrative. We are addicted to it and scared to live without it. This fear is one of the most potent tools the powers that be have to control us. To them, control is the drug they are addicted to.
Like with most addictive drugs, once you get a taste for it, you want more. There is no limit to the hunger of the powers that be. And just like the desperate drug addict, they will do whatever they can get away with to hold on to the control and acquire more of it. They build a pyramid, and the people below them elevates them higher and higher. But they can only do this as long as they can control the people below them. Once the people wake up and have the courage to look into the shadows, they become aware of the control. They become aware of the role they have been made to play in the structure of the pyramid. They also become aware that if enough of us walk away, the foundations of the pyramid will start to crumble and eventually collapse, bringing down the whole structure.
The heard follow the law of the land like it was a religion. And just like most major religions, those laws were created by men. Not some higher form entity or a god-like figure. The laws were designed to maintain order. Order in a way that those who wrote them saw fit. We are made to believe laws are the cornerstone of society. We are made to think laws keep us safe.
But what for one is order, for others can be even oppression. The Laws are there to control us.

Control now out on all streaming platforms. Check it out on Spotify

Chapter 4 “Going Down” will be out on the 24th of June. You can pre-save it HERE

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The Origin Story Chapter 2

The Origin Story

Chapter 2

In hopes to monetize survival, a right to live, the powers that be set out on a task to come up with a vaccine for the virus. A vaccine that governments of the globe would spend taxpayers hard-earned dollars to pay. A global race was set up to develop these vaccines. Orders were placed before the product was even ready. Bets were made who would win the rase. The shares of pharmaceutical companies reached an all-time high, and they were cleared of any countability. A man’s ego was strong enough to convince us that we could outsmart mother natures 4 billion years of evolution. We were certain we could eradicate a virus that had infected nearly 150 million people world wide. But we were not smart enough to pool our sources and make it a collective effort. Or would that have taken the profit away from the game?
My alien friend had reminded me of ancient wisdom. Listen to nature, and it will tell you the answer. Modern society has made us lose contact with nature and the cosmos. We have forgotten that everything on this planet is connected. All of us, as individuals, are part of one symbiotic living ecosystem that we call the earth. Nature has the answers. And we as humans are able to achieve things far beyond our imagination. In fact, it is the limits of our own imagination that hold us back. Our ancestors from societies long before our time knew the secrets. They understood our own energy and how it interacts with everything around us. The powers that be want to hide this information from us and have spent an enormous amount of resources to do so for decades, whereas the aliens try to teach us to embrace it. We have the ability to manifest whatever we want.

If we understand that nature has an abundance of anything we need, if we treat it right, how could you profit from it? How could the powers that be control us, if every one of our needs were met? This is why for years, they have oppressed our natural abilities to the point that we forgot how to use them.

This is why the narrative of the story of a virus that came from China, spread worldwide and turned into a global pandemic suited the powers that be. It gave them justification to force control beyond anything we had seen since the second world war.

Virus now out on all streaming platforms. Check it out on Spotify

Chapter 3 “Control” will be out on the 27th of April. You can pre-save it HERE

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Kandemic Podcast Episode 1 “2020”

Kandemic Podcast
Kandemic Podcast Episode 1 “2020”

This is the first episode of our podcast. It is the origin story to go with our debut album. “2020” is the first single and the beginning of the story. Check out the track HERE

If you want to support our music and podcast, check out our merchandise at:
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The Origin Story Chapter 1

2020 - Kandemic

The Origin Story

Chapter 1

The year 2020 was the beginning of the new world order, behind the veil of a global pandemic, the powers that be released information about aliens. Divide and conquer have been the name of the game for thousands of years. There are those who have and those who don’t. And time and time again in history, when society built on this divide come to its peak, the pitchforks come out. The western world is now more divided than ever. For many years it has been the strong middle glass that kept the structure in place. But when that middle glass gets a taste of what the poor had to endure, the balance starts to shift. Slavery, taxes, mortgages due to homeownership, and consumerism has kept the masses working for millenniums. But in 2020 the world came to a halt. Suddenly people who had been busy running the rat race had to stop. There was time to spend with our own thoughts. Year’s of oppressed feelings started to surface. We began to question the purpose of this all. Is our constant chase of a better life and happiness actually making us happy? The cracks of western society were starting to blow wide open…

Divide and conquer only works if you have two sides to divide. The pandemic was a temporary solution. Wear a mask or not to wear a mask. Vaccine or not to vaccine. Lockdown or no lockdown. Did the virus come from the wet markets of China? From a laboratory? Was it man-made or mutation from animals? But it was only a matter of time before this invisible enemy could not divide anymore. The powers that be needed a new enemy.

Us humans possess an ego that makes us think we are better than others. We are somehow more superior to fellow humans, or other species on this planet. The cruel joke is, we are actually an experiment. We are a mutation. We are the bastard child of all the other species of intelligent life in the intergalactic federation. We are living storage cells of DNA. Biological data with information of all living things present, past and future in all the galaxies out there. We have been watched since the beginning of our time. We have been setup with a task to reach a higher level of

consciousness. To become better versions of ourselves. To learn how to not let that ego control us. But it is that ego that let the powers that be control us. And they are scared to lose control. If the alien experiment works, who would provide for their elaborate lifestyle and desperate need for control? So they will paint the aliens as the new enemy. Divide and conquer.

However, even though the aliens’ intentions seem pure, they have their own drifts. The thing about “the truth” is that truth itself is a multifaceted concept, with as many branches as there are beings trying to view it. Your perception of the truth is different than mine. The way to the “next level” of human evolution requires us to deal with past trauma. The gamekeepers of the alien world would like us the view the enlightenment the way they want us to perceive it. They want us to get there, step by step. They want us to walk the path they set up for us. But this is only one face of that multifaceted “truth”. There are rebel forces at play in the alien world as well. And these rebels have been infiltrating amongst us for a long time now. They are trying to pass on information to us, to show us the other perspective to the truth. Their work is not easy, as most of us humans are not ready for this information yet. But the time is getting close. How do I know all of this? I have met one of them, and I call him a friend.

2020 now out on all streaming platforms. Check it out on Spotify

Chapter 2 “Virus” will be out on the 27th of April. You can pre-save it HERE

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Kandemic’s first single “2020”

Kandemic's first single "2020"

Kandemic’s first single “2020” will be out on the 28th of March 2021. It is a full moon night. This will be the first of 12 full moons that Kandemic will be releasing a new song. You can already follow Kandemic on Spotify HERE. And we will be posting music videos, lyric videos and behind the scenes content on our YouTube Channel HERE. We will also share our story to go with the songs here on our blog. If you want to get updates when we post new content, you can signup to our mailing list HERE. We are looking forward to bring you along for our journey.

Kandemic’s first single “2020” out on 28th of March 2021

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Disclaimer! Kandemic

Disclaimer! In the weeks and months to come, Kandemic will start to share its story. In a world full of conspiracies and conspiracy theories, we would like to make it very clear that even though there might be some similarities to real-life events, this story is completely and absolutely fictional. We are not here to tell you what to believe, we are here to intrigue your interest and make you think. And most of all we are here to play ad share our music. We hope you will enjoy our tongue on cheek fictional sci-fi story which will be released here on our blog with every new song. If you want to be notified when a new song or s chapter drops, you can signup to our mailing list HERE. Let us show you how the cookie crumbles.

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Kandemic Introduction

Kandemic Introduction

Kandemic introduction: Kandemic is the first intergalactic music collaboration spreading the word about free-thinking and a new world view. On the 28th of March 2021, which will be the day of the first of four super moons of this year, our first single “2020” will land on all streaming platforms. Join our mailing list to follow our journey HERE

If you like what we do, and would like to support us, visit our SHOP HERE